DekGoalie PRO Sliders - Large


DekGoalie PRO slider kits install in minutes and include EVERYTHING you need for BOTH pads.

DekGoalie PRO Sliders offer superior sliding to our original sliders but with all the same benefits!

Fits most Senior pads. Check part dimensions below to see if these fit your pads.

Product details:

  • Easy to install
  • No tools required
  • All pieces are ready to install
  • Universal fit - See setup examples in product pictures
  • Industrial Strength Velcro included
  • Made in Canada
  • 1/8" base plate with 1/8th" full bumps for improved sliding
  • No drilling holes
  • Slide on most hard surfaces
  • Removable for Ice Hockey
  • Swap them onto other pads
  • Protect your pads from damage
  • Save money on resale value

Kit includes:

  • Two 8" x 5.5" knee pieces
  • Two 2" x 10" lower leg pieces
  • Two 4" x 9" lower leg pieces
  • Two 1.5" x 4.25" toe pieces

For use on:

  • Dek hockey surfaces
  • Sport Court
  • Gym
  • Arena Concrete
  • NOT recommended for rubbery or sticky surfaces

 How to install

DekGoalie PRO sliders in action