How to install DekGoalie sliders

Installing your DekGoalie Sliders is simple. Our sliders were designed to easily transform your hockey goalie pads into street hockey goalie pads that work on any surface such as cement, asphalt, Dek hockey, gym, wood, arena surface; pretty much anywhere you can play ball hockey.

To install:

1. Gather your pads, unpack your DekGoalie Slider Kit and get some scissors.

2. Make sure your pads are clean and dry. The pads pictured in this installation were used in over 400 games using DekGoalie sliders! You can certainly appreciate the condition they're in. We only removed the sliders to show you how to install them.



3. Lay out your Velcro before applying it to properly estimate placement. Start at the knee. The pieces are smaller and you'll quickly get the hang of it. Use your sliders to estimate where you'll need Velcro before applying it. When ready, apply firmly.



4. Move on to the lower leg. Use scissors before applying your Velcro to make size adjustments when necessary. Always use your DekGoalie Sliders as guides before applying your Velcro to estimate placement. When ready, apply firmly.

Next, apply a Strip of Velcro to the boot of your pad. You're basically done!



5. WAIT AT LEAST 15 MINUTES. Let your Velcro set before applying your DekGoalie Sliders. All you need to do is align and apply. Once installed, you can remove your Sliders and adjust them as necessary. Do so gently and your Velcro will last for years.