Installing DekGoalie Sliders is easy. Our goalie sliders were designed to transform your hockey goalie pads into the perfect ball hockey goalie pads allowing you to slide on most hard surfaces such as sports court, wood gyms, arena cement and Dek hockey tiles.

These instructions are valid for all our Velcro slider kits (PRO & Classic).

Examples of typical slider layouts:

Large (senior) 




 Small (junior & intermediate)


How to install:

 1. Gather your pads, unpack your DekGoalie Slider Kit and get some scissors. You might need them to trim some extra soft side Velcro.

2. Make sure your pads are clean and dry.

3. Remove the soft side Velcro from the sliders making sure to leave the transparent tape on the back of the Velcro. 

4. Lay out your Velcro onto your pads before applying it to properly estimate part placement. You can use your sliders to estimate where you'll need Velcro before applying your Velcro strips.

5. Once you have figured out the correct placement for your Velcro, remove the clear tape from it and apply it to your pads. Once the Velcro has been applied press on it firmly to ensure proper coverage.

6. WAIT AT LEAST 15 MINUTES for your Velcro to properly set before applying your DekGoalie Sliders.

7. Now that your Velcro is set, align your sliders with the Velcro and stick them onto your pads. If you need to make adjustments to the slider positioning you can remove your sliders and adjust them. Always be gentle when doing so, and hold the soft side Velcro to the pads so it doesn't come off. This way your Velcro will last for years.


Easy to install

Our goalie sliders are easy to install.

Our kits install within 15 minutes and include everything you need for both pads.

  • No tools required
  • All pieces are ready to install
  • Industrial Strength Velcro included
  • Made in Canada

Improve your game

Slide like on ice with DekGoalie sliders. Push out, slide from post to post, become more mobile, improve your game and reduce your risk of injury.

Slide on almost any hard surface.

  • Sport Court
  • Wood Gym
  • Arena cement and more

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

If you aren't satisfied with your DekGoalie sliders, simply return them within 30 days of receipt for a full refund,

There is no risk buying DekGoalie sliders because they require no permanent modifications to your pads!