Salming Slide 5

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The Salming Slide is a light weight shoe perfect for ball hockey goalies because of its excellent sliding characteristics and maximized flexibility. The sliding area, the toe area and the inside of the foot are padded and powered with a very durable polyester nylon which provides excellent sliding properties no matter the quality of the floor surface. The Salming Slide allows any ball hockey goalie to move easily and comfortably on Dek hockey and sport court surfaces, gym floors, arena surfaces and more.

The Salming Slide 5 is the perfect shoe for ball hockey goalies because it was designed as a goalie shoe for Floorball, a variety of floor hockey popular in Europe in which goaltenders can face shots that go up to 200 km/h.

The outer sole is divided for maximized flexibility and foot positioning making it a great shoe for ball hockey goalies that need to stand awkwardly.

The laces are covered with an exo-tongue construction that keeps the lacing in place and protected throughout the game.